Thinking Blue

36 x 45.5

Anthony Blackhood

Abstraction in Yellow 

36 x 28

Still Life 

30 x 40

Study of Shapes

20 x 16

Anthony Blackhood was born in 1985 in Havana, Cuba. His mother was a Russian linguist and his father a linguist of South American descent. In primary school his love for arts was evident and he was quickly identified as a young artist with exceptional talent. He studied at the National Academy of Fine Arts San Alejandro from 2001until 2005. He graduated with a specialty in sculpture; however, that medium was not enough. He continued his studies and expression of arts in many mediums at the Art Superior Institute.

During his fourth year of study, he was selected to participate in the ARTE NO ES FÁCIL, a self-reflexive artwork based in creating relationships beyond pictures between Cuba and the United States. This exhibition created a public presentation as a means of creating a more expansive discussion about art and current political realities. This collaborative exhibition featured works produced by pairings of selected top emerging artists from Havana and Chicago. Anthony was sponsored and granted a cultural visa secured by ARTE NO ES FÁCIL, Links hall and the MacArthur Foundation. This initial exposure provided Anthony the opportunity to showcase his works in an international forum and the art world took notice. To this day, he still attracts interest from the global art community. 

Anthony continues to explore the canvas as a means of self expression. His versatility as an artist to create such captivating and diverse images makes him a highly desired and collectible artist for collectors. 

 Blue Rush

24 x 34

Helix 33 x 52