C. Parker Gallery is proud to welcome back world-renowned pop artist Peter Max and introduce his latest works that celebrate the life of Frank Sinatra. Max has created a new series of paintings depicting the “Chairman of the Board”. These newest pieces honor the 100th anniversary of the famous singer’s birth. They show Sinatra in various stages of his career surrounded by Max’s bold color schemes.

Max unveiled the series in March with Sinatra’s daughter, Nancy. Several of the new works are a part of “Sinatra: An American Icon,” an exhibition that will run from March 4 to September 4 at the New York Public Library for the Performing Arts. It will then relocate to the Grammy Museum in Los Angeles.

Peter Max's is an internationally recognized artist whose intense bursts of color and psychedelic imagery has earned him the distinction as the official artist of the World Cup USA, the Grammy Awards, The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the Super Bowl. He has been featured on the cover of LIFE Magazine and appeared on The Tonight Show.

On the evening of May 27th at 6:00pm, the gallery will host a reception with the artist to introduce these newest Sinatra works. 


Salvador Dali

The Secret Art of Dr. Seuss - Fri. Dec. 2 - Sun. Dec. 4 

For over 60 years, Dr. Seuss’s illustrations have brought a visual realization to his fantastic and imaginary worlds. However, his artistic talent went far beyond the printed page and yet, to this day, his Secret Art Collection is virtually unknown to the general public. Throughout his lifetime, Ted Geisel created paintings and sculpture which he secreted away at the Dr. Seuss Estate. A compelling selection of artworks from The Art of Dr. Seuss will be on display at C. Parker Gallery from Dec. 1 - 4, 2016. Visitors will view works from Dr. Seuss’s best-known children’s books, and explore The Secret Art of Dr. Seuss, a mind-expanding collection based on decades of artwork that Dr. Seuss created at night for his own personal pleasure. Perhaps the wackiest and most wonderful elements of the collection are Dr. Seuss’s three-dimensional “Unorthodox Taxidermy” sculptureswith names like The Carbonic Walrus, The Two-Horned Drouberhannis, and the Goo-Goo-Eyed Tasmanian Wolghast, to name a few. Artworks from this historic collection have traveled to museums and galleries across three continents since its inception in 1997, with works from The Art of Dr. Seuss now hanging in collections alongside the likes of Picasso, Chagall, Warhol, and other 20th century masters. Each of these Estate-Authorized limited editions have been adapted and reproduced from Theodor Seuss Geisel’s original drawings, paintings, or sculptures. Additionally, each work bears a posthumously printed or engraved Dr. Seuss signature, identifying the work as an authorized limited edition commissioned by the Dr. Seuss Estate.

Ms. Christine Argillet will be appearing in Greenwich, Ct in support of an exhibition of the extraordinary collection DALI: THE ARGILLET COLLECTION this coming November of 2017.  This is an extraordinary, museum quality presentation; the Collection has toured just recently in Singapore and in galleries across the globe, and presented in many US cities; among them Houston, Palm Beach, Washington, D.C., Chicago, New York, Dallas, Los Angeles, Indianapolis and San Diego.

Madame Argillet is both the Curator of this Dali Collection, as well as the daughter of the famed Pierre Argillet, Salvador Dali's publisher and confidante for over fifty years.  Her story is unapparelled, and as compelling as any I have encountered in terms of artistic knowledge and family history with regard to Dadaism....the Surrealists. And the stories behind the artists who shaped these most important Art Movements. 

The Argillet Collection is unequivocally the most authenticated collection of Dali's work throughout his career.  The Pierre Argillet Collection demonstrates high standards of quality and the works have appeared in the world's most prestigious museums: Musee Boymans, Rotterdam;  Musee Pushkin, Moscow;  The Dali Museum, St. Petersburg, Florida; Kunsthaus Zurich and Staatsgalarie, Stuttgart;  Isetan Museum of Art, Tokyo; Daimaru Art Museum, Osaka and Hiroshima Prefectural Museum of Art, Japan.  The collection's permanent home is at the Museum of Surrealism in Melun, France and the Dali Museum in Figueres, Spain.

Dali’s open-mindedness and innate ability to embrace a plethora of topics and themes can also be seen in his etchings and drawings, which address different topics, from religion to eroticism. Pierre Argillet’s daughter, Christine Argillet, spent much of her childhood in thepresence of Salvador Dali, and experienced his receptivity and broad-mindedness first-hand. Her presence in C. Parker Gallery will provide invaluable insights into the collaborationbetween she, her father and Dali, and works they produced together.

Madame Argillet describes this exhibition as "A tribute to the work of my father, Pierre Argillet, as an extraordinary publisher of the Dada and Surrealist group.  This collection reflects a constant endeavor and a close collaboration with the artists of these two movements, especially Salvador Dali.  My goal is to have this collection presented in the finest museums and galleries in the world". 

If you have a favorite vintage movie poster the chances of Bill Gold being the designer/creative director are pretty high. C Parker Gallery will be honoring Bill Gold's legacy of original film poster work that spans over 70 years from Hollywood’s Golden Age through New Hollywood.  

This remarkable exhibition at C. Parker Gallery will showcase many of Gold’s original photographs and original artwork by all the top movie poster illustrators, including Bob Peak, Richard Amsel, Victor Gadino, Bob McGinnis. Come see this once in a lifetime collection, have an opportunity to purchase a piece of motion picture history and meet the renowned Bill Gold himself at a special reception on September 18th.

Starting September 10, 2016 and running through September 30th with a special meet and greet reception on Sunday September 18th at 2pm.


In honor of Paul McCartney’s upcoming New York performances at Madison Square Garden and Barclays Center, The Beatles will be reunited at C. Parker Gallery, in their new location at 409 Greenwich Avenue, Greenwich, Connecticut for “The Beatles Art Show & Sale.” This unique limited time exhibit showcases handsigned works by Paul McCartney, John Lennon, George Harrison and Ringo Starr. “The Beatles Art Show & Sale” opens to the public on Thursday, September 14th and continues daily until Sunday, September 24th. Artwork will be available for purchase. In addition to the Beatles hand signed works, an extremely rare Andy Warhol artwork featuring the Beatles will be available for purchase. This Warhol piece was originally commissioned for a book cover for the Geoffrey Stokes book on the Beatles. The 1980 screenprint features colored graphic art paper collage on a board. Warhol designed the artwork based on a photograph by celebrity photographer Dezo Hoffmann. He then incorporated blocks of irregularly shaped color, which although screenprinted, appear like collaged fragments of colored paper. Only a few of these pieces are known to exist, one is featured in the National Gallery of Scotland. 

Paul McCartney’s art distributor and Ringo Starr’s art publisher, Neal Glaser will be on hand to meet with patrons and talk about these very special and collectible works. This is a rare opportunity to see the creative artistic minds of Fab Four.  Attendees will have the opportunity to witness each artist’s different personalities emerge and the different styles they favored. Lennon is the line drawer in the style of Hirschfeld and Thurber. Paul is an abstract expressionist similar to De Kooning and Dali, while Ringo is the pop artist in the style of Warhol and Haring. 

For more than 34 years, Paul McCartney has been a committed painter using his art as another outlet for his drive to create. Paul first exhibited his work in Siegen, Germany in 1999. His paintings have been mostly a private endeavor, but he has released a small number of hand signed lithographs, which are highly sought after by collectors. 

Ringo Starr has always had an artistic flair. In the 70’s, he designed furniture. He progressed to painting in acrylics and creating sculptures in the 80’s, he then began experimenting in computer art in the late 90’s. Ringo commented, “While I was touring it gave me something to do in all those crazy hotels you have to stay in on the road.” After his first exhibition in 2005, Ringo has continued to evolve and create new and different artworks each and every year. Ringo’s pop art has captured the feel and spirit of the colorful, modern age in which we live. Ringo’s art is collected worldwide and has been exhibited in Europe, South America, Australia, Canada, Mexico as well as the United States. Ringo donates 100% of all his proceeds to the Lotus Foundation. 

John Lennon, a student at the Liverpool College of Art, only officially signed and released 14 different artworks in his lifetime. This 1969 series, entitled “Bag One” portfolio was presented to Yoko as a wedding gift and featured six sketches from the couple’s wedding and honeymoon along with 8 erotic lithographs. These erotic sketches were originally confiscated by Scotland Yard on the second day of John’s art debut at the London Art Gallery in 1970. John Lennon’s Bag One portfolio is now part of the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art. The C. Parker Gallery exhibit is a rare opportunity to see and purchase the actual hand signed Lennon collection which was later reissued posthumously by Yoko with her signature on it. 

In 1986, George Harrison partnered with his friend, British rock musician Keith West, to publish three works of art based on his songs, “Piggies,” “Here Comes the Sun” and “Taxman.” West illustrated the artwork based on George’s vision and both Keith West and George Harrison hand signed the artwork. These very limited edition fine art lithographs were published by Genesis Publications and have been sold out for decades. 

“The Beatles Art Show & Sale” opens Thursday, September 14th and continues daily until Sunday, September 24th at C. Parker Gallery, 409 Greenwich Avenue, Greenwich. This will be the largest collection of Beatles autographs and their respective artworks on display. This exhibit is free to the public and all works are available for purchase. Come to the base of Greenwich Avenue and enjoy this incredible show. 


Legendary Bill Gold - The Man Behind Hollywood's Greatest Movie Posters  - Sept 10, 2016 - Sept 30th, special meet and greet with Bill Sunday, Sept 18th at 2pm.

PETER MAX RETROSPECTIVE – THE COLLECTED WORKS 1960-2017, a newly-curated and highly-anticipated Collection from Pop Artist legend Peter Max, is the most important collection of his works ever assembled, and spans decades of iconic and celebrity portraiture and pop influence.

Now in the sixth decade of his renown and prolific art career, he is still creating modern masterpieces.  This presentation is truly the finest ever on view and available to Collectors.  Greenwich’s’ venerable C. Parker Gallery http://www.cparkergallery.com/  will exhibit the works October 13th  through October 22nd, 2017.  Artist Peter Max will make two very special in gallery appearances on Saturday, October 21st from 6-8 pm and on Sunday, October 22nd from 2-4 pm.

This extraordinary presentation also includes Max’s most famous portraiture and all artwork is available for acquisition.  Admission is complimentary, and all events are open to the public.  

The exhibit features Max’s iconic and most influential pieces, among them “Statue of Liberty,” Max’s famous “Flag” pieces, “Umbrella Man” and the prestigious “Cosmic Runner.” 


Special exhibition featuring legendary Ron Campbell, master animator and illustrator. Ron is known for his iconic images of the Beatles Cartoon art as well as other beloved cartoon characters that encompass his 50-year career such as Scooby Doo, the Smurfs, Rugrats, Winnie the Pooh, Flintstones, Jetsons, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Harlem Globetrotters & more.  Feb 25th - Feb 28th, 2016