Le mas en Provence duox

24 x 24

Rosiers rouges a Giverny

18 x 22

Roses Tremieres Devant Le Phare

24 x 29 

Florence Arven 

Born in 1952 to the renowned impressionist painters Yolande Ardissone and Jacques Eitel, Florence Arven was on a path to greatness. She was raised in a household surrounded by beauty and an appreciation of nature. She followed in her parents’ path choosing a career that would allow her an opportunity to express her creative abilities.  

 She studied at the University of L’Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris and received a degree in plastic arts. She then continued to explore other mediums that would allow her to express herself and received first prize at the Salon de Ille in France in 1973. She continued to exhibit in salons across Paris and as patrons discovered her works, her fame spread. She then exhibited internationally in the United States, Sweden, Italy and Japan. Her works are still displayed globally and reside in many prominent collections. She is proud to have reached such distinction and to share equal acclaim as her parents.  

 Florence Arven is listed in Benezit 2006. She is featured on page 747.