La Plage dans le Caluados 

20 x 24

Jean Pierre Dubord 

The paintbrush has danced across canvas under the masterful guidance of Jean Pierre. His distinctive ability to capture the grace and beauty of the flower markets, the movement in the fields of Normandy or the calm among the boats along the Seine has allowed him to create lively renderings that drive collectors to seek out his paintings.  

J.P. Dubord was born in Rouen in 1940. After spending years in the French countryside, he returned to his native city to portray the surroundings of his youth. While Rouen is a favorite subject for his paintings, he often depicts Paris, the Norman countryside, the beaches of Deauville and Houlgate, the cliffs of Caux and Etretat and scenes along the seine. He is known for his ability to capture the subtleties of light and color unique to each season.  

In 1970, he had his first exhibition of approximately thirty paintings in Rouen, a show that was highly praised by art critics. In addition to an annual show in Rouen, he has exhibited in Birdhouse, La Hare, La Rochelle, Osaka, Quebec, and in major Salons of Paris.  

Dubord has his own original approach to painting. He continuously amazes the viewer with his mastery of portraying light on canvas and utilization of such a rich palette of colors. As a painter, he is hailed throughout the world as one of the most popular and sought after 20th century contemporary impressionists. He is the recipient of numerous prestigious awards. He is often recognized by his favorite subject - the particularly picturesque district of Montmartre. 

Dubord is listed in the Benezit 2006. He is featured on pages 1214-1215.  

Dans le Jardin 

‚Äč11 x 16