Explosive Joy

48 x 36


36 x 60

A traditionalist by nature, Karen Rolfes follows in the footsteps of some of the great French impressionists such as Pierre Bittar and Claude Monet. She adds her own contemporary twist by utilizing her palette knife to create impasto oil paintings rich in texture and depth. Her superb ability to capture the nuances of light provides her viewers with landscapes that are entrancing.  

Growing up with her father and grandfather who were accomplished painters themselves, Karen has found her own voice and a successful career. She has been featured at The New York Art Expo, Art Santa Fe and Spectrum Miami. Her awards include ACA National Finalist 2013, Landscape Artist of the Year 2014, William W. Duebber Award, The YWCA Winner and Purchase Award 2016 and a two page spread in Venue Magazine. Karen’s collectors can be found around the world. 

Karen spends extensive time each year traveling to different areas of the country observing the natural beauty of our country. After many hours of observation and detailed sketching, she reunites with her paints and canvas. “My passion is to re-create what I see in nature. The canvas becomes an interpretation without forgetting value, hue, and perspective. Inspiration is a common word in my vocabulary”. 


Karen Rolfes 

All That Jazz

36 x 48


36 x 60