Above it All                48 x 72

Island Hopping 


At Cupids Bow 48 x 60


30 x 48


My Favorite Color

36 x 48

Leather Skirts 40 x 60

Love Letters 18 x 18

Fish Tales 

40 x 40

Lady Liberty

45 x 70

Blues at Our Base

36 x 48

Many Muses       36 x 48

Pucker Up

18 x 18


25 x 25

Topsy Turvy

36 x 48

Bridge To Indiana 15 x 15


Philadelphia based artist Taisiya,"Taya", Naumovich ,was born in Murmansk, Russia and at an early age moved to Vladivostok. Her father served in the Russian army and Naumovich recalls that it was her need to find creativity that she began painting and sketching. 

 In her paintings, Taya uses her brush in an experimental manner following her intuition to create abstract combinations of animal wildlife and urban landscapes. She works with acrylic and oil on canvas to create self-reflective, expressionistic works that explore both the complexity of human experience and the essential sense of unity in the universe. Naumovich combines figurative and abstract elements for a fascinating emotive effect.  

 Her thematic imagery, which often includes moving scenes of wild animals, courtship and beauty, compels sentiments of unadulterated youth that are completed in an attempt to achieve the unique representation of the things that touched her in some way. “I paint in an act of self-exploration just as pinpointing a destination on a map that I have yet to explore. My ultimate goal is for the viewer to feel the same energy and the beauty of the world as I experience while painting,” said Taya. A great deal of my inspiration for my art is love and and appreciation for the pure energy of the universe: the search for love, the search for true meaning of things, and the beauty of the universe’s wholeness 

 With maturity, Taya is moving towards finding a balance between spontaneity and freedom within a more organic approach using oil and acrylics to render her mixed media paintings. An emergent artist to watch, C. Parker Gallery is delighted to represent her and will continue to watch her grow. From a young graduate of Temple University’s Fox School of Business to participant at the International Biennale Artists Exhibition Miami, IBAEM, 2013, Taya is stepping boldly onto the art scene. 

Emoji 15 x 30